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Project Description
Adds .net Microframework support for
- BinaryReader
- BinaryWriter

Adds TCP and UDP Server Support as an Extension to the Gadgeteer NetworkModule


May 2014 Update

.net MF 4.3 is here and I started a new gadgeteer project. A lot of things have changed in the .net Microframework and I'll bring this project up to date.

I'll updated the folder structure and created a branch for 4.2 and 4.3 without changing the code.  In the next weeks I'll optimize the code to reflect the changes in the latest NETFM updates.


This Project is currently under development. Not all methods are 100% tested and currently I have only a FEZ Spider Mainboard with Ethernet module to test.


 The download include a simple sample application to demonstrate some Basic features!

Coming soon:

  • More Features in the Demo project (included in the project)
  • Improved documentation

Special Thanks to Michael Dodaro for the Extension method code


Current in development

  • .net micro framework 4.2
  • .net micro framework 4.3

Current in testing

  • TCPClient for a easy way to send data via TCP
  • UDPClient for an easy way to send and receive data via UDP. If this class is completed I'll change some things in the UDPServer.

In planing

  • UDP Multicast support


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